Judit Mokos

Judit Mokos


Evolutionary and Theoretical Biologist | Data Scientist


Currently I do

  • PhD, Evolutionary and Theoretical Biology, Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary, 2015-
    • Topics: Human behavioural evolution, altruism, cooperation, biostatistics, data science
    • Supervisor: Istvan Scheuring
  • Data Scientits - I work for companies, research groups, journalist and civil organisations. 2016-

I learnt already

  • Bsc, Biology-Literature Teacher, Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary, 2010-2013
    • Thesis: Evolution of HIV’s virulence
    • Topics: informal learning, science communication, the evolution of viruses, magic realism in contemporary youth novels
  • Msc, Ecology-, Evolutionary and Conservation Biology, Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary, 2013-2015
    • Thesis: The evolutionary aspects and motivations of human altruism
    • Topics: human behavior, human evolution, human cooperation, animal cooperation, biostatistics
  • Biologist trainee, University of Bath, Milne Centre for Evolution, UK, 2017
    • Topic: Sex roles and sexual selection: testing an evolutionary hypothesis
    • Biostatistics, comparative methods, meta-analyses, behaviour ecology, phylogeny-based statistical methods, path analysis, linear models
  • GLM2017VPA: GLM for Evolutionary Ecologist, France, 2017
  • Popular Science Video Workshop, Hungary, 2018
  • High-Dimensional Data Analysis in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Lund, Sweden, 2018
  • Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute, St Andrews, Scotland, 2019
  • Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute, Virtual, 2020

I have experiences

  • helping as a data scientist for several scientific programs and civil organizations. 2017-
  • holding workshops about data science and R 2017-
  • Teaching Biostatistics and R programming for undergrads, Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary, 2016-
  • Plant Ecologist, Field Surveyor, Danube-Ipoly National Park, Hungary, 2015
  • Volunteer-Program Coordinator, Jaffe Family Service, 2010-2017

I can do

  • statistical sowtwares: R, SPSS, Jamovi, you name it. 
  • any statistical methods that a psychologist, ecologist or economist would need, for example:
    • Basic statistical methods (for example t-tests, F-tests, One-way and Multiway ANOVA, correlations, simple and multiple linear regressions, Chi-square tests, non-parametric tests, etc)
    • Comparative methods
    • Phylogeny-based methods (for example Phylogenetic Generalized Least Squares, Phylogenetic Path Analysis)
    • Meta-analytical methods
    • General Linear Models, Linear Mixed Models, General Linear Mixed Models, etc
    • Receiver Operating Characteristic curve analysis
    • High-Dimensional Data Analysis
    • and so on
  • data visualization
  • web scraping
  • research methodology
  • science communication
  • teaching

I like to do

My current projects

  • why do humans like to help strangers? 
  • how we can make humans even more cooperative? 
  • how smartphone using affect our cognitive ability? 
  • how do humans decide to be corrupt or honest? 
  • why humans like telling and listening to stories? 
  • how we could solve the climate crisis? 

I teach at ELTE: 

  • Research metholodgy for biologists (2019-recent)
  • Advanced R for biologists (2021-recent)
  • Biostatistics (2015-2018)

If you are looking for a supervisor

The projects I offer could be interesting for students learning biology, psychology or social sciences. 
  • Human altruism. for example: why and how we help strangers
  • Human cooperation. for example: how we cooperate on a large scale
  • Online communication. for example: how somebody becomes an internet troll, and how cyberbullying could be prevented
  • Diversity in the scientific world. for example: how gender, age, background and workplace affects the way researches behave. how diversity increases the performance of a research group
  • Science communication. gamefication, informal teaching, online teaching, teaching adults. fore example: how to teach evolution to adults

Popular science 

I wrote it:

It was written about me:

  • Magyar kutatók adatai szerint a valóság csak részben igazolja a sejtszintű szexuális szelekcióról szóló evolúciós elméletet. Qubit.hu
  • Magyar kutatók javították ki Charles Darwin szexuális szelekciós elméletét. Index.hu

Hardcore science

I am proud ​of

  • our Covid FAQ webpage was recommended by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as a trusful information source for laypeople
  • ambassador of Researchers' Night in Hungary, 2018, 2019
  • LifeScience Elevator Speech Festival, 2016, 1st place
  • FameLab Hungary, 2017, finalist

I can speak

  • Hungarian
  • English
  • Spanish (un poco)