Evolutionary Biology and Zoology

Evolutionary Biology and Zoology
(Ádám Kun)

Aim of the lecture

To learn more about evolution especially the major evolutionary transitions.

List of lectures

  1. The major evolutionary transitions [the main paper to read] [a paper to read]
  2. Frequency dependent selection - Game theory

  3. Evolution of cooperation - Kin selection, eusociality and communal breeding

  4. Evolution of cooperation - Animal societies

  5. Evolution of cooperation - Human cooperation and egalitarian motives

  6. Evolution of language [pdf]

  7. Evolution of multicellularity and morphological evolution

  8. Evolution of sex, sexual selection

  9. The last universal common ancestor (LUCA). The prokaryote - eukaryote transition [a paper to read]

  10. Fitness landscapes

  11. The Origin of Life I

  12. The Origin of Life II

  13. Coevolution and mutualism

  14. Replicators and population models

Suggested Reading

Maynard Smith, J. & Szathmáry, E. 1995 The Major Transition in Evolution. Oxford, UK: W.H. Freeman.


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